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Why Fashion Brands Die & How to Save Them gives fashion brand marketers key insights into the “new fashion consumer” and the tools they need to prosper in this disruptive environment.

You’ll Discover…

  • How the failure of the classic buying process will force brands to change, and how to use a clue from Silicon Valley to adapt to this new psychology.
  • How the collapse of traditional consumer segments has created great new opportunities in our space—and new threats for flat-footed fashion brands.
  • What the trends of authenticity, transparency and sustainability mean to the fashion consumer (it goes much deeper than you might think).
  • How the millennials and the generation behind them are changing the world of fashion (in expected and unexpected ways), and how to appeal to their unique buying ideals.
  • How the renting economy is fundamentally changing what it means to buy things and how the fashion world can (and will be forced to) adapt to this new reality.

Who This Book is For…

  • Young fashion brands who want to know how to shortcut the process of finding your market and stand out in a sea of competitors.
  • Existing fashion brands who are losing market share to aggressive upstarts and want to know how to regain lost success.
  • When your social media and other advertising isn’t working well anymore.
  • Your profits have taken a big dive.
  • You’ve been caught out by consumer demands for “higher ‘woke’ values” like transparency, sustainability and authenticity.
  • You can sense the recession on the horizon and want to batten down the hatches.

Maurice Mullen

Head of Fashion & Luxury Goods, London Evening Standard
Member, Advisory Board, British Fashion Council
London, UK

When your ship is sinking, do you reach for a scholarly treatise on seafaring or a guide offering immediate, practical help? In the increasingly cut-throat world of fashion, the principle is no different.

Why Fashion Brands Die is the product of meticulous research by two highly qualified and experienced writers. Ultimately, however, its value lies in providing real world solutions to real world problems. When your brand begins to wobble, this is the book you should have by your side.

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